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I’ve always been a daydreamer, a wanderer, never really knowing what direction I wanted to go in life. I get lost in books and don’t find my way until the story is done. I read for hours and hours, much to the dismay of my husband, but I HAVE to know how the story unfolds. Taking pictures is a lot like reading a book for me. I stare at images trying to imagine the story behind it, just like the books I read. What made the photographer take that particular shot, what is he or she trying to tell. It wasn’t until college that I really started to take my camera with me everywhere. I wanted to be able to tell a story by a mere image.
Growing up I showed cattle and sheep and when my husband and I were dating we showed cattle too. I would take rolls and rolls of film at all the shows we went to. I wanted to document everything. I LOVE the agriculture side me. There are few things better than cows and spending the majority of your spare time in a barn. I know weddings and cattle shows are an odd mix but they make up a HUGE part of me!
Slowly my digital camera replaced my film camera. Then life took over with work and marriage and then my babies. I slowly had let my passion get consumed and I realized one day how very much I missed it. Babies will do that to you 🙂 So I dove back in to photography and never looked back and I am oh SO thankful I did! I get to take daily naps with my littlest, hang out at cattle shows and meet some amazing couples.
I kicked retail to the curb after six years and never thought twice about it. My business has grown and changed over the years and I look back and I’m thankful for all the couples and families that have opened their lives to me and allowed me to document the stages of their dreams. Because of you I’ve been able to chase mine.





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My couples are carefree, loving and stewards of the land. They treasure connection, honesty and an uncomplicated way of life. They enjoy celebrating at their receptions and cherish family and friends. I believe every couple should have the absolute best wedding experience, one that gives them a rare and cherished heirloom that documents one of the most meaningful days of their lives.
I would love to talk about you wedding day, let’s grab a tea or coffee and chat!


Chocolate, Cows, Books and
Red Dirt Bands keep me chasing sunsets
and dreams.